Journalist and writer

I am a journalist from a very violent society. I have been writing since I was a teenager and for a long time writing was the only way I was able to fight for my ideals.

My first work experience in the field of journalism began in 2005 with the only newspaper in Herat province, Afghanistan, Etfaq e Islam. I became the head of the women’s page of this newspaper in 2005. Later I joined Payman Daily Newspaper in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ever since, I have been publishing articles and have been interviewed on many occasions.

The aroma of clay and cob
after rain
Misty perfume of mint along
the creek’s edge
The heavy bouquet of jasmine
every night
When it’s time to flee
which one of these should I stuff
in my bundle
so , that in fate’s crooked road
I do not lose my country.
Call me by my name

In 2014 I wrote the essay ‘Call me by my name’, about the Afghan custom to eliminate the names of women, which was mentioned in the New York Times.

The Silent majority in Afghanistan depends on the Taliban

In December 2022 my article ‘The Silent majority in Afghanistan depends on the Taliban’ was published on in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is nu echt een totalitaire militaire staat

A second article was translated and published in the Dutch national newspaper NRC and the Belgian national newspaper De Standaard.

Dutch national television EenVandaag

About the difficult question whether ngo’s should continue their work in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Item ‘Kunnen ngo’s nog wel werken in Afghanistan’.